Can we come back the next day to Silver Dollar City?

If Saturday is not enough time a “Come Back ticket” can be purchased at the Rentals Booth and it is $20 for an adult and $15 for a child.  You will need to purchase the tickets when you are ready to leave; if you come back on the same day and that ticket is scanned [...]

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Can we form teams?

If you have co-workers or friends that you want to climb with, you will be able to register this year as a team. If you want to climb together we ask that you meet prior to the climb and stay together.

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What if I don’t have an ID (public safety)?

If you do not have a department ID, please bring a letter to the ticket booth on official department letterhead naming you as an employee or volunteer of the department.  The letter must be signed by an administrator or chief.  Please make sure you also bring a photo ID with your name on it (i.e. [...]

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